Vendor, part of the CWS Group

Our ultimate goal is to make a happy moment out of every washroom visit. Because we believe that everyone should have access to a relaxed and pleasant washroom visit at all times.

Regardless of the number of people who – sometimes in a short time – use the washroom, our customers and their washroom visitors are assured of smart, high-quality products, excellent service and a fresh washroom.

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  • Optimal toilet hygiene, even during peak hours
  • Sustainable in every way
  • Everything in-house

Sustainable in every way

Vendor wants to contribute to creating a world in which we handle the environment, raw materials and each other in a more careful way. For example, through our smart IQ towel dispenser, we reduce (paper) waste and the use of raw materials. In addition, we are certified at the highest possible level on the CSR (MVO) performance ladder. Your washroom as an addition to your business card.

Your washroom as an addition to your business card

Vendor offers companies and institutions the opportunity to surprise their employees, guests and visitors with hygienically high-quality and refreshing products for every toilet area. In this way the smallest room turns into a striking statement of hospitality, style and taste of the host.