Vendor Washroom Hygiene
Vendor Washroom Hygiene

During many of our washroom moments we are not at home, but elsewhere, for example out shopping, at work, at school or while enjoying a night out. It is in those moments outside that Vendor makes the difference. Because if you find a washroom with the smart products from Vendor, then you are assured of a guaranteed availability of hand drying supplies, toilet paper, soap and a pleasant smell.

Everybody a happy moment

Our ultimate goal is to make a happy moment of every washroom visit. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant washroom visit at any time. Regardless of the number of people who – sometimes in a short period of time – use the washroom, our customers and their washroom visitors are assured of smart, high-quality products, excellent service and a fresh toilet area. In short, a positive experience.

Doing the ordinary extraordinarily well

With more than 200 employees we develop and produce a total package in-house, including smart towel and toilet dispensers, soap dispensers, air freshening systems and toilet seat cleaners. Thanks to our own stock, we can guarantee a fast delivery in more than 30 countries: directly via our service providers or through one of our partners. Delivery takes place right into the supply room and when you need us, we are available 7 days a week. We do the ordinary extraordinarily well. We like to exceed expectations: with good advice, service, a surprise or a smile. We work hard, always with an eye for each other and we make time for relaxation and personal attention.

Happy world

We are aware of our responsibility and impact on the world. For us, happy moments go further than a washroom visit. For example, one in three people in the world does not even have access to a washroom. That is why we support various initiatives and, together with customers, employees and partners, we work hard every day for a world in which the environment, raw materials and people are treated more carefully. Through our smart IQ towel dispenser, for example, we reduce (paper) waste and the use of raw materials. In addition, we are certified at the highest possible level on the CSR (MVO) performance ladder.

Happy Vendor

Happy, that is our drive. Happy is more than satisfied. More than pleased. For almost 60 years, we have taken that extra step for the client and the washroom visitor, who is assured of a clean and hygienic washroom, a fresh smell and clean, dry hands. This is how a Vendor moment is and will remain a happy moment.