(Higher) Education
(Higher) Education

Every school must be a trusted, safe and pleasant environment. Since students and teachers spend a large part of their day there. Good hygiene at school not only contributes to this feeling, but also ensures a healthy environment.

Robust and functional

Vendor offers functional washrooms for primary education up to higher education. The dispensers are very sturdy and robust. They will ensure a controlled dispensing of hand towels and toilet paper. Vendor toilet paper dissolves very quickly in water, in order to prevent clogging. The dispensers are interim refillable and therefore contribute to optimal cleaning maintenance.

Tidy and freshly clean washrooms

For hand drying you can choose from various solutions whereby the IQ Towel Dispenser guarantees neat and tidy washrooms in your school. Together with a fresh scent, this is essential for a positive experience for the washroom visitor. Washing and drying hands in the right way, prevents the spread of bacteria. This is important in schools. Research shows that paper is the most hygienic solution for drying hands. With Vendor you are assured of optimal toilet hygiene. This starts with tailor-made advice, taking into account the specific phase of education.

Good toilet hygiene at your company as well?

We provide you with customized advice.