Most of us have had the unpleasant experience in a washroom of trying to dry our hands on a jammed, wet towel that obviously has been used before – many times. This is a thing of the past with Vendor’s super strong scrim paper, which can be used in virtually any conventional linen roll dispenser with no special adaptation or adjustments necessary.

Scrim reinforced paper rolls for cotton roll dispensers
Vendor’s unique scrim reinforced paper solutions for washrooms provide a host of flexible options for contract cleaners and wholesalers of washroom products. There are different applications where this can be used for, like as a replacement for cotton rolls and as a cleaning paper. It consists of 2 or 4 layers of paper bonded by a fibre that prevents the paper from tearing easily – even when wet.

Vendor’s two-ply reinforced scrim paper rolls are an ideal alternative to linen rolls, which are costly to transport (especially to distant locations), perfectly clean and easy to replace – not to mention the unhygienic situations that can arise if a linen roll gets jammed or is not washed or replaced correctly.

Scrim cassettes for Vendor continuous IQ towel cabinet
Scrim paper can also be supplied with Vendor’s unique IQ range of ‘continuous towel’ dispensers, which use special cassettes to guarantee a fresh, dry, hygienic hand drying paper at all times. This paper never needs to be replaced – it is simply topped up with a new cassette, which is connected by means of a adhesive strip. This is the only fully controlled paper hand towel system on the market today and the only paper towel system that does not require a waste bin in the washroom. This system offers a continuous supply of fresh paper towel while storing the used paper in a completely closed compartment. This avoids overflowing waste bins and will reduce waste. This makes the IQ range a unique, hygienic continuous system for hand drying.

Scrim reinforced cleaning paper
As an alternative to traditional wiping paper – often very porous or not strong enough for the heavy cleaning work – Vendor also offers scrim reinforced cleaning paper. The paper is available as a 300m roll or in folded packages and has 4 layers of paper and the scrim. Due to its reinforced strength, these wipes can be wrung out and reused. This helps to eliminate waste and gives the wipe an extra life. The scrim cleaning rolls come with a standard or a wall-bracket to ensure controlled dispensing and ease of use.