Vendor and CSR

We take our role as a partner in toilet hygiene very seriously. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also part of this. We are CSR (MVO) Performance Ladder level 4 certified. This standard is based on the international ISO standard 26000. To maintain this level, a mandatory, independent survey takes place annually by a certification body that tests our services and products. This ensures that our products and services are sustainable, responsible and safe. This is good for the environment and our customers, but also for our suppliers and employees.

Our products are sustainable

We apply strict criteria in the selection of raw materials and production processes in order to guarantee the quality, safety and sustainability of our business proposition. For example, the paper for our toilet rolls and towel paper also carries the EU Eco-label in addition to the Nordic Environmental label. The Vendor soaps also have the EU Eco-label off course and the Vendor Pure Soap and Pure Foam even have an extra award; the Cradle 2 Cradle Silver certificate. All our packaging is provided with the FSC quality mark. Our dispensers have a long lifecycle and are also made of recyclable material. We pick them up after use and provide a new destination for them. Vendor is also a proud FIRA-Member. FIRA shows a verified and clear image of the CSR performance of Vendor.

Sponsoring and charity

We devote at least half of our sponsor budget to charities. We opt for initiatives that do not burden the environment and are sustainable. Running competitions or cycling events, for example. In addition, we structurally support the Maag Lever Darm Stichting (Stomach, Liver and Intestine Foundation) and Villa Pardoes.

Our certifications

We are proud of our certifications and environmental labels and we place great value on this. Want to know more? Read all about it in our CSR magazine. A report of our efforts for the year 2018. Or read more here

Vendor is sustainable, so you are as well

We provide our customers with informative signs and posters that can easily be placed on toilet roll holders and towel dispensers. This way your employees and other washroom visitors are also made aware of the social awareness and responsibility that we all bear.