In logistics, safety, sustainability and a clean working environment are essential for good business operations. Good hygiene also plays a role in this. Not in the least, because healthy working conditions contribute to productivity.

Good operational hygiene is also a legal requirement in the logistics sector. Especially when working with food as well. This entails more than a clean work floor and a clean production environment. With optimal design of the washrooms, the changing rooms and the laundry rooms you promote the hygiene and health of your employees. This benefits the continuity of your business.

High Traffic

Employees in distribution centers often work in shifts. They start their activities simultaneously, have their break in groups and their shift ends at the same time. This results in peak times in the sanitary rooms. To ensure that even the hundredth visitor can use a clean and hygienic washroom, Vendor has the smart IQ Towel Dispenser, which never runs out.

Robust and functional

Vendor dispensers are very sturdy and robust. They will ensure that your employees always have a clean towel at their disposal. In combination with our extra net-reinforced blue paper we have the right solution for all your heavy duty applications.

Good toilet hygiene at your company as well?

We provide you with customized advice.