Numerous scientific research shows that poor hand hygiene can be a major hazard within the food processing industry. That is why Vendor offers a range of products that fit within a space where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Within the food industry, there is little as important as good hygiene. This entails more than a clean work floor and a clean production environment. With optimal design of the washrooms, the changing rooms and the laundry rooms you promote the hygiene, food safety and the health of your employees. This benefits the continuity of your business.

Extra hand hygiene

You can rely on our products in the field of hand protection, cleaning and care. For situations where extra hygienic hand cleaning and drying is desired, you have a wide choice of extra hygienic soaps, alcohol gel and our Premium Hygiene towel cassettes. Our dispensers are also available in a non-touch version, so that you minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Good toilet hygiene at your company as well?

We provide you with customized advice.