As a catering operator you offer your guests an optimal service. You want to see your customers leave satisfied, but you also surely want to see them coming back. With Vendor you provide representative washrooms and a positive experience for your guests.

Tidy and freshly clean washrooms

The robust dispensers of the Tradition line are very sturdy and promote hygiene in your washrooms. For a more modern and luxurious look in your sanitary room, opt for the Vision or the Metal series. Whichever line you choose, the IQ towel dispenser guarantees a tidy washroom and continuous hand drying availability. The extensive range of air fresheners and perfumes offers every washroom visitor a pleasant smell experience.

Always a hygienic washroom

The urinal grid from Vendor prevents scale deposits and traps dirt and rubbish. It prevents blockages and keeps your drain pipes clean. With the Vendor sanitizer you prevent scale deposits in your bathroom, which makes maintenance easier and prevents unpleasant odors. With our toilet seat cleaner you can always offer your guests a clean toilet seat in a very simple way.

Optimal hand hygiene

Your employees are clearing tables, rinsing glasses, taking care of the orders and are busy with food and drinks. This often happens without washing hands in between, while poor hand hygiene is the main cause of disease transfer. For optimal hand hygiene, Vendor recommends the use of the hand disinfectant ‘Instant Disinfect’. This alcohol based gel is immediately effective and kills 99.99% of all germs. It is unscented, and yet it provides a refreshing feeling. The pump bottle, which can be placed anywhere, ensures that your guests will see that you are handling hygiene effectively.

Good toilet hygiene at your company as well?

We provide you with customized advice.