Did you know that 75% of our behaviour and emotions are assigned to our nose? In fact, we are not aware of up to 95% of the experiences that cause these emotions and behaviours. For example casino visitors are willing to spend 45% more when the casino smells nice; because it makes them feel relaxed and safe.

For an important part, the smell in a washroom defines how people perceive their washroom experience. Even if the washroom looks very clean and neat, an unpleasant smell will cause a negative impression for visitors. In most people’s minds, also the opposite applies: If a washroom is slightly messy but it smells nice and “clean”, visitors will have a much better experience.

Factors that influence an hygienic impression
Research has shown that over 50% of the opinion of the washroom is obtained by visual impression. The second most important factor however to define for people whether a washroom is clean or not, is the odour. The graph below gives a complete overview that shows how important a fresh scent is.

Vendor offers two main kinds of air fresheners and other solutions that can help to create an ambience with a fresh experience.

1.Everfresh Air freshener with fruit fragrances

Everfresh was designed in response to the need for a trouble-free solution without batteries or propellants. It has infused fragrance strips based on evaporation and air flow. Simple to install and with a range of 4 scents that last up to two months. It is possible to vary the intensity of the fragrance by placing 1, 2 or 3 strips into the dispenser.

Scents for Everfresh air freshener
The line consists of fragrances like Breeze of Passion, Breeze of Mango and Breeze of Lemon. All Vendor perfumes are locally developed, produced and produced with extensive testing in close cooperation with our perfume house. The philosophy of People, Planet and Profit had a central position within this process.

2.Digital Air freshener with flower fragrances
The Vendor digital air freshener is perfect for use in bigger washrooms. The dispenser can be digitally set to release the fragrance when needed, for example, the dispenser can be programmed to only release the fragrance during working hours and week days.

Scents for digital air freshener
With the digital air fresheners Vendor offers the so-called 4-seasons range of refills with Spring Blossom, Summer Breeze, Autumn Garden and Winter Garden. The Autumn Garden fragrance is now available with lavender, a scent that is proved to have a calming and relaxing effect.

  • Other solutions

Besides air fresheners, Vendor also offers urinal mats, toilet seat cleaners, toilet brushes and door air fresheners that can help to create a positive perception of your washroom.


Regularly change fragrances
We recommend changing the refills regularly, for example every season, because of a phenomenon that is called sensory adaption: Our nose becomes desensitized to stimuli to prevent the overloading of the nervous system. In this way we are able to respond to new stimuli again that are ‘out of the ordinary’. Because our nose experiences so many odours during the day, the organ gets used to a specific odour really fast. Changing fragrances regularly will keep visitors aware of the fragrance and stimulate a positive impression about the washroom on the longer term.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any further questions.