Always a clean washroom
Always a clean washroom

Everfresh air freshener

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The smell in toilet facilities plays a major part in whether they are perceived as clean. To meet the need for a solution that does not require batteries or use propellants, Vendor offers the Everfresh dispenser with scent strips: variable scents based on evaporation, that are easy to install, failure-free and offer a choice of various perfumes. Because the number of scent strips can be varied, the scent can be adapted to your situation.

  • 100% recyclable plastic
  • Evaporation-based air freshener
  • Variable scent: use 1, 2 or 3 scent strips
  • Failure-free
  • All perfumes meet the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standard


The Alpine White and Metal version and the sophisticated Black Vision version of the IQ Everfresh dispenser are deliverable from stock.

  • White
  • Metal

Item number:

90020, 90022, 90024, 90090, 90092, 90094, 90097

If you want your guests to experience a refreshing scent, Breeze of Lemon provides exactly what you want.

Fragrance Breeze of Lemon

Top notes: Citrus, Fruity Apple
Heart notes: Grape, Wine, Leafy, Violet
Base notes: Sweet, Woody

Breeze of Mango takes you to the Caribbean, with top notes like Mango, Ruby Orange and Fresh Green welcoming you as you enter the toilet facilities.

Fragrance Breeze of Mango

Top notes: Mango, Ruby Orange, Fresh Green
Heart notes: Fruity Cassis, Red Fruit, Raspberry, Pomarose, Floral Notes
Base notes: Musky Malt Nectar, Sandalwoord, Coconut, White Musks

Breeze of Passion offers your guests cheerfulness and relaxation when they make use of your sanitary facilities.

Fragrance Breeze of Passion

Top notes: Passion Fruit, Rum Accord
Heart notes: Gardenia, Lavender
Base notes: Vanilla, White Musks, Tonka Bean, Woody Notes

Forever Fresh ensures that your toilet facilities always smell fresh, with a hint of bergamot.

Fragrance Forever Fresh

Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Lilly of the Valley, Orange Blossom, Violins
Base notes: Mos, Musk, Amber