In order to be able to deliver the quality that Vendor strives for, it is necessary to test our processes through a fixed structure. We do this via two ISO standards and the CSR (MVO) Performance Ladder.

CSR (MVO) Performance Ladder 4

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integrated inside Vendor in a clear and practical way into day-to-day operations. All our products and services are methodically tested on the consequences for society and the environment. The certification for CSR Performance Ladder 4 is evidence of this. It is assessed by the independent agency Veritas and is based on the three elements People, Planet, Profit.

FIRA Membership

FIRA facilitates organizations processing the sustainability information in the FIRA Platform. FIRA ensures that the assessmentteam possesses the required competencies and adheres to the principles of auditing regarding ethical conduct, professional integrity, and independence. FIRA verifies all claims and information in accordance with the standard particular to
the Basic CSR Report (see FIRAPlatform Protocol for details). Claims and related information in the FIRA Platform were reviewed based on the evidence made available by Vendor
to FIRA to determine the plausibility of information.  See our Assurance Statement.


Both our dispensers and consumables are designed and produced in-house. We do this in accordance with the completely renewed ISO-9001:2015 and the ISO-14001:2015 standards.