Always a clean washroom
Always a clean washroom

IQ Hand towel dispenser

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The IQ Hand Towel Dispenser ensures that everyone visiting the toilet has a clean towel available. This includes well-travelled rooms that get a lot of traffic in a short period of time. It is quick, simple to refill and top up, using the patented Easy Load top-up system, which leaves maximum time for cleaning. Used material is rolled up in a compact roll and is stored in a separate compartment of the dispenser. This keeps the sanitary facilities tidy. Used material is efficiently disposed of. This makes it indispensable in high traffic locations. In addition, Vendor offers the IQ Towel Dispenser in combination with our excellent service. This means that our service providers deliver the stock of contents to your warehouse or supply cupboard, so that you do not have to worry about them.

  • Large hand-drying capacity
  • Continuous (roll) system
  • Optical stock indication window
  • Low-noise
  • Can be topped up: prevents guests from missing out
  • Hygienic
  • Paper cassette has a high level of absorption

Which model appeals to you most? The timeless elegance of the Vision model or the robust look of the Tradition model? You can choose between manual (Classic) operation and No-Touch* operation of the dispenser. The Alpine White and Metal version of both models are deliverable from stock. Are you attracted to the sophisticated Black Vision? The Vision model is deliverable from stock. In addition, the IQ Towel Dispenser comes in every desired RAL colour.

* No-Touch operation only available for the Vision model.

  • Vision White
    Vision White
  • Vision Metal
    Vision Metal
  • Black Vision
    Black Vision
  • Vision Colours
    Vision Colours
  • Tradition White
    Tradition White
  • Tradition Mirror
    Tradition Mirror
  • Tradition Special
    Tradition Special

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1322, 1323, 1326, 1327, 302000, 302500, 303000, 303500, 304000, 304500

1361, 1361M, 1363, 1363M, 1369, 1369M, 1371, 1371M, 1361IND, 1361INDM, 1363IND, 1363INDM, 1361CARE, 1361MCARE, 1363CARE, 1363MCARE