Always a clean washroom
Always a clean washroom
Elbow dispenser

Elbow dispenser

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This elbow dispenser is easy to operate with the elbow. Because the robust dispenser does not have to be touched with the dirty hands, you are assured of optimum hygiene. As a result, the chance of cross-contamination within your organization is much smaller.

  • Suitable for use with all Vendor wash creams or the hand disinfectant Instant Disinfect.
  • The stock display window makes it easy to see when the bottle needs to be replaced.
  • Made of white metal and very user-friendly
  • Leakage free system


No cross-contamination

The elbow dispenser is ideal for industry, but also for organizations in the healthcare and food sector, where the prevention of cross-contamination is of great importance.

Item numbers:

530960, 530971