The finishing touch in your washroom

Toilet brushes. A product of low interest and people often tend to forget to change them. It is a very underestimated product in the washroom. But they are more useful than we think as they help with the dirty work nobody wants to do. For maximum hygiene Vendor recommends to change brushes at least every 6 months.

Who hasn’t seen dirty, old, cheap and discoloured brushes in a fragile holder when visiting a hotel, restaurant or public toilet? Often they are too dirty to look at so people don’t use them, meaning an unhygienic toilet for the next visitor. Brushes and their holders are often also placed right next to or under – and sometimes even almost touching – the toilet bowl. This is not an hygienic place and doesn’t motivate people to use it. Besides, a brush on the floor looks messy and is not convenient for cleaning staff.

Clean and efficient
The Vendor toilet brush and holder set are the solution for these problems. The holder can be wall-mounted, this makes it possible to place it higher and further away from the toilet bowl, strongly reducing the chance of splashes on the brush and especially its handle. As this brush set is mounted on the wall, it leaves the floor clear for a quicker, more efficient and a fuller cleaning process. As icing on the cake it also gives a much better and cleaner impression to the whole washroom.

Take your pick
Vendor brushes and holders come with a white, metal and black finish. The black brushes have a black head so that it matches even better with the whole set and other Vendor-dispensers in the washroom.

More information?
In case you require more information about our dispensers please feel free to contact us at or call +31 13 57 86 690.