Jumbo rolls are widely used in many locations. They have a high capacity and are often low priced. Yet they do not necessarily live up to those expectations. The biggest issue with jumbo rolls: What to do when the roll is almost finished? Leave the user with no toilet paper? Or waste perfectly clean toilet paper? To change or not to change?

During cleaning rounds the cleaning staff will check how much paper is left in the dispenser. If there is enough paper they can continue their work. If not, there are a few options:

  •  Leave the user with no toilet paper
    If the roll is already finished, the last user had a problem as they had to finish their toilet visit with little or no toilet tissue. Nobody wants to run out of toilet paper. Of course, in this situation the cleaners will refill the dispenser immediately.
  • Taking out the last part of the roll and throw it away 
    In order not to run out of toilet paper, the last 10 – 15 meters of clean jumbo roll paper is often thrown away. A waste of money and definitely not good for the environment, if you ask us
  • Placing the roll somewhere in the cubicle
    Replace the roll and place the almost finished roll on top of or next to the dispenser. This is not an hygienic place for the roll though. The rolls can fall on the (wet) floor and can be exposed to urinal spray and air borne bacteria. The fact that it looks messy goes without saying. And besides, when you find an extra unfinished roll on top of the dispenser and a new roll in the dispenser, which roll would you use? Exactly! Which makes the external rolls even more unnecessary.


Single rolls in the washroom give a bad impression to the washroom taking away from the image of cleanness and neatness.

The smart solution for you
You always want your washroom visitors to have access to (clean) toilet paper, an important condition for toilet hygiene. With a Vendor twin roll toilet tissue dispenser you opt for a durable continuous system that can be easily refilled inbetween visitors. This way your washroom visitors always have optimum hygiene and ease of use within reach. The continuous Vendor dispensers have two high capacity compact rolls so that they can be replenished. When one roll is finished, the second – reserve – roll will drop down ready for use and the cleaning staff have ample time to refill the dispenser. In this way the toilet paper will always be available and there will be no single rolls in the washroom anymore.

Controllable efficiency and hygiene
The Vendor toilet tissue dispenser has a special breaking system that helps control consumption of toilet paper and the large (joint) capacity of up to 300 meters ensures that there is always toilet paper available. The water soluble toilet paper is kept safe in the dispenser which makes it very hygienic. The robust design and the lock make the dispenser vandalism proof.
All these features make the Vendor toilet roll dispensers and paper extremely useful for high-traffic locations like concert halls, airports, shopping malls, factories, exhibition halls or airports.

Sustainable for you and the environment
Vendor is a leading supplier of toilet paper, which is available in various combinations of length, comfort, softness, solubility and strength. Customised wrappers and boxes are also available and can be branded with companies’ logos or designs. Vendor’s toilet paper is sustainably sourced and carries the Ecoflower or Nordic Swan seals of quality.