Always a clean washroom
Always a clean washroom

Soap, foam, or alcohol dispenser non-touch

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This non-touch dispenser is suitable for soap, foam and alcohol. The dispenser is extra hygienic due to its sensor operation. You do not have to touch the dispenser with your dirty hands.

  • Can also be supplied in your house style colors or with your logo on it.
  • Hygienic due to its closed container
  • Non-touch operation by the sensor

The non-touch dispenser is available in any desired RAL color in addition to the standard white and metal-look versions. This means that the dispenser fits perfectly within the appearance of your space.

  • White
  • Metal
  • Colours

Item numbers:
520000, 523000, 524000

521200, 521200PUMP, 521100, 523000PUMP, 521300