Always a clean washroom
Always a clean washroom

Sanitary bag dispenser

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With the Vendor sanitary bag dispenser, you offer your female guests a hygienic solution for disposing of their sanitary towels or tampons. The risk of your toilets getting clogged is decreased considerably if you provide sanitary bags, along with a mini-wall container or sanitary towel container. In addition, the special leak-free paper prevents unhygienic traces on the inside and outside of your sanitary towel container or mini-wall container. The large capacity of the holder ensures that there are always sufficient sanitary towel bags available.

  • Available in every desired colour
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Optional: matching sanitary towel container available

Complete the look of your toilet facilities by adding either the classic Tradition model, or the unlimited colour options of the Vision model. The Alpine White version of both models of the sanitary bag dispenser are deliverable from stock. The Metal or Black Vision versions of the Vision model are deliverable from stock as well. The Colours version of the Vision model is available in every RAL colour.

  • Tradition White
    Tradition White
  • Vision White
    Vision White
  • Vision Metal
    Vision Metal
  • Vision Colours
    Vision Colours

Item numbers:
1516, 720000