Freshen up your washroom with Vendor Urinal screens

Entering a washroom that has the unpleasant smell of urine or faeces gives you the feeling the whole washroom is dirty and badly serviced, even if it is not. There are several products that help to avoid this negative perception and give people a better impression about the whole washroom.

Tackle bad smell
As an addition to the most commonly used and often already effective air fresheners Vendor additionally offers urinal screens to tackle bad smells in washrooms even better and right at the source: the men’s urinals.

30 days of freshness
The Vendor urinal screens are placed in the urinal and release twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens. As a result they give freshness for up to 30 days making them ideal for use in a service environment.

The practical benefits
The revolutionary design features long protrusions/pins on the top that diffuse the urine stream and avoid splashing while releasing a pleasant fragrance. The screens reminder system lets you know when it’s time to replace the screen.

The urinal mats are available with the following fragrances and intensities:

As an alternative to the these screens Vendor also offers a urinal screen with special sanitising bio-block on it. The blocks are 100% biodegradable, give a pleasant fragrance each flush and activate an active ingredient that prevents scale. Chewing gum, cigarette butts, paper etc. can easily be removed and this avoids blockages.

More information?
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