Vendor’s smart washroom solutions for high-traffic locations

Vendor’s products for washrooms provide a host of flexible options for locations with high-traffic of visitors or places where many people visit the washroom at peak times.

During this peak load of visitors – for example during half time of a football game or a concert – washrooms need to be equipped with dispensers that can handle these extreme circumstances: Dispensers need to have a high capacity, produce limited waste and perform quickly in order to avoid empty dispensers and not create a big mess. In this way overflowing waste bins, due to high consumption of folded hand towels, cotton roll dispensers with limited capacity and air dryers with long drying time, empty toilet roll dispensers and a bad smell resulting in a negative impression of the washroom, can be avoided.

No waste bin needed and paper always available

The Vendor’s IQ continuous towel cabinet ensures washroom visitors can always dry their hands. By using smart, patented technology which allows the scrim reinforced paper towel cassette to be topped up at any time, the IQ guarantees continuous availability of clean towel. The fact that a waste paper bin is no longer required is also a major benefit as Vendor’s towel cabinets guarantee tidiness and hygiene at all times. Also Vendor toilet roll dispensers, soap dispensers, air fresheners and many other products provide an ideal balance between high capacity, continuous availability and controlled consumption.

Reduced time for cleaning

These features make the Vendor products ideal for places where the dispensers need to handle high-traffic locations and the peak load during the breaks. Reduced time for cleaning thanks to the possibility to upfill dispensers is also an important feature ensuring cleaning staff can manage to keep the washrooms clean at all times and ensuring visitors can wash and dry their hands at all times and have the availability of toilet paper.

Some of Europe’s leading football stadiums, concert halls, theatres, exhibition centres, shopping malls and airports already experience the advantages of the Vendor solutions. Examples of locations that already benefit from Vendor’s ‘no mess’ continuous towel cabinets in their public toilets and washrooms include the PSV Eindhoven and FC Utrecht football stadiums in the Netherlands (tailor-made with the colours/logos of the clubs), the Munster Rugby Club in Ireland, the RAI exhibition centre where the ISSA/Interclean cleaning tradeshow is hosted every two years and Ziggo Dome in the Netherlands.