Always a clean toilet seat with Vendor

Did you ever visit a washroom where the toilet had a dirty toilet seat when you really “needed to go”? This is not a pleasant sight and would make you want to run a mile away from this premises. Vendor takes care of this problem by offering two solutions for a safe and clean toilet seat: Clean Seat paper covers.

Fed-up with your washroom visitors putting lots of toilet paper on the toilet seat? The Clean Seat paper cover dispensers dispense a specially shaped paper that can easily be placed on the toilet seat to cover the complete area. There is even a paper flap that sits in the bowl and protects you from direct contact with the inside rim of the toilet bowl. As a result the solution is more hygienic and effective than putting a lot of toilet paper on the toilet seat and it helps to reduce costs!

The Clean Seat toilet seat covers are biodegradable and flush away automatically – -thanks to the flap in the toilet bowl.


Clean Seat dispensers are used in many areas including airports, planes, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. Vendor also supplies paper covers for other brands and there even is a special packaging called “Toly” that can be sold in drug stores, pharmacies, camping sites, petrol stations and other shops. For more information check our websites: and